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Cette base de données a pour but de présenter tous les films documentaires rendant compte du réel africain. Ces films sont des films réalisés et produits par des africains, mais aussi des films sur l’Afrique. Cette base de données a été constituée à partir d’une base de données essentiellement francophone, mais cette base ne cherche qu’à devenir la plus exhaustive possible, afin de regrouper dans un même espace le plus d’informations sur les films sur l’Afrique. N’hésitez pas à inscrire vos films !

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À l'ombre sacrée des arbres

Fitouri Belhiba | 2003 | France/Tunisie | 52 minutes
A South-North dialogue between a Tunisian filmmaker and a French writer on three emblematic trees of Southern Tunisia : the olive tree, the palm tree and the "ghardga". The Tunisian chose the theme of trees to offer his French guest an access to his culture, memory and to the depths of his...

tradition | Tunisia

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À la recherche de F. comme Mouna

Jean-Paul Lebesson | 1997 | France | 38 minutes
In 1993, Mouna, Anissa her sister and two other girls of Tunisian origin set up the dance company "Icilaba". After two shows, when their work was beginning to be noticed by the public and the professionals, during a holiday visit, their father detained Mouna and her sisters in Tunisia. Samia, the...

Dance | Tunisia

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Aéroport Hamman-Lif

Slim Ben Chiekh | 2007 | Tunisie | 23 minutes
On a beach in the south suburbs of Tunis, unemployed youths describe the gestures they make as they climb into containers on boats leaving for Italy. They are globalisation's convicted still struggling. Some come back mutilated, others sport BMW caps or Puma T-shirts like so many illusory relics. A...

migration | Tunisia

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Aire des aigles

Pierre Meynadier | 2001 | France | 52 minutes
Cap Bon Mountains, Northeast Tunisia, are one of the crossing points for birds to migrate between Europe and Africa. Since ever, men of El Haouaria have learnt to capture sparrow hakes with which they hunt quail. During two months, the hunt takes place in the forests of the mountains. Everyone in...

environment | Tunisia

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Albert Samama-Chikli

Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud | 1995 | France | 29 minutes
The purpose of this documentary film is to throw light on the life and achievements of one of the pionniers of the trade : Albert Samama Chikli, who has been almost completely forgotten although he was one of the very first cinematographers, an outstanding photographer, a globe-trotter, etc. With...

cinema | Tunisia

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