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Cette base de données a pour but de présenter tous les films documentaires rendant compte du réel africain. Ces films sont des films réalisés et produits par des africains, mais aussi des films sur l’Afrique. Cette base de données a été constituée à partir d’une base de données essentiellement francophone, mais cette base ne cherche qu’à devenir la plus exhaustive possible, afin de regrouper dans un même espace le plus d’informations sur les films sur l’Afrique. N’hésitez pas à inscrire vos films !

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Accoucheuses nomades, racines du désert

Nicolas Meulders, Dominique Thibaut | 2007 | France | 52 minutes
The region of Adrar-N-Ifoghas in Northern Mali holds the highest level of Child and mother mortality in the world. Traditionally, Tuareg women give birth, knelled down, on the sand. Overcoming this situation without failing is a question of Honour: it is an act of bravery increasing their social...

Health | Mali

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Achack, l'esprit touareg

Stéphane Dufix | 2008 | France | 52 minutes
Tuareg, refered as to “Blue man”, beyond the myth. Through a festival, you will discover culture, psychology, and daily life of these men and women from the past and...


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Adama Yalomba - La Tournée au Mali

Christophe Barbe-Gayet | 2002 | France | 24 minutes
The documentary is about the concert tour of Adama Yalomba, currently Mali's most popular musician. 21 people are about to cross Mali in a utility truck for 10 days. From concert date to concert date, the camera delivers the most powerful moments of the tour. The documentary also offers images...

music | Mali

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Addis Abeba et ses ménestrels... les Azmaris

Antoine Chaudagne | 1999 | France | 27 minutes
The film tackles with one of the strongest Ethiopian musical traditions, with poetic and provocative singers called "Azmaris". In Addis Abeba at night, in pubs called "Azmari bets", Ethiopians let off steam with music, dancing and alcohol. This is the place of the Azmaris, including people in the...

music | Ethiopia

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Arnaud Des Pallières | 2003 | France | 121 minutes
FICTION Under threat in Algeria, Ismahel emigrates to France where he wants to live and work, with the hope that the people he's fleeing from will forget him the time he is away. In the letters that he writes to the daughter that he left behind in his homeland, he tells his own story in the guise...

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