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Cette base de données a pour but de présenter tous les films documentaires rendant compte du réel africain. Ces films sont des films réalisés et produits par des africains, mais aussi des films sur l’Afrique. Cette base de données a été constituée à partir d’une base de données essentiellement francophone, mais cette base ne cherche qu’à devenir la plus exhaustive possible, afin de regrouper dans un même espace le plus d’informations sur les films sur l’Afrique. N’hésitez pas à inscrire vos films !

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ABC Africa

Abbas Kiarostami | 2001 | Iran/France | 85 minutes
Uganda, March 2000. At the request of the UN's International Found or Agricultural Development, Abbas Kiarostami and his assistant, Seifollah Samadian, arrive in Kampala. For ten days, their DV camera captures and caresses the faces of a thousand children, all orphans, whose parents have died of...

Childhood | Uganda

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Abd El-Kader

Florida Sadki | 2009 | France | 52 minutes
Two actors in search of a theatrical character go in the footsteps of Emir Abd el-Kader, during his exile in the castle of Pau in France, from April 29 to November 02 1848. Those who have approached the Amir during his captivity in Pau, are mentioned by Paul Mironneau, National Director of the...

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Abd El-Kader, un héros des deux rives

Jean-Claude Guidicelli, Virginie Adoutte | 2004 | France | 52 minutes
Emir Abd El-Kader is one of the most fascinating characters of the Algerian Conquest by the French in 1830. A portrait through the myths fathered by Abd El-Kader in Algeria and in...

History | Algeria

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Abderrahmane Sissako - Beyond Territories

Valérie Osouf | 2017 | France | 74 minutes
Sissako, Beyond Territories : The Film To be somewhere precise yet stand nowhere at all, to embody one’s convictions, yet never miss the essential, to rise up and be present at the critical moment, to bear witness to a world waiting to tell itself and be retold, to come and go, both at once,...

cinema | Mali

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Abécédaire abominable de l'esclavage

Michel Patient | 2006 | France | 10 minutes
Four centuries of French slavery briefly described with strong archive images, cruel quotations, and short written commentaries and extract of music from Verdi. A video clip of reflexion with the shape of a short...


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