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Cette base de données a pour but de présenter tous les films documentaires rendant compte du réel africain. Ces films sont des films réalisés et produits par des africains, mais aussi des films sur l’Afrique. Cette base de données a été constituée à partir d’une base de données essentiellement francophone, mais cette base ne cherche qu’à devenir la plus exhaustive possible, afin de regrouper dans un même espace le plus d’informations sur les films sur l’Afrique. N’hésitez pas à inscrire vos films !

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Abidjan des enfants

Idrissa Diabaté | 1998 | France/Côte-d'Ivoire | 47 minutes
We observed the city of Abidjan through what children and teenagers – who live in its different areas – can see, perceive and imagine. "Abidjan through the eyes of its children" is made of 31 minute documentary and a 16 minute cartoon. The real shooting shows children in their everyday life...

Childhood | Ivory Coast

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Abidjan, port de pêche

Jean Rouch | 1962 | France | 24 minutes
Sea fishing around Abidjan: traditional inshore fishing in pirogue with fishing line or not. Fishermen and ship-owners explain their problems, difficulties and...

tradition | Ivory Coast

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Abou et les étoiles du Mandé

Jérémie Reichenbach | 2008 | France | 52 minutes
Every year, Abou Kouyaté, known as “The General of sound” comes back to Mali, his native country, seeking for new musicians to be produced. The General travels all over Mali looking for the perfect gem, armed with his laptop and a set of micros. However, it is not easy all the time, in...

music | Mali

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Above the Ground, Beneath the Sky

Simon Lereng Wilmont | 2009 | Danemark/Égypte | 29 minutes
Little Mahmoud loves the circus and dreams of performing in the National Egyptian Circus as an acrobat. He practices hard several days a week with his mentor Kamal, who juggles the young boy on his feet one and a half meters above the ground, in dangerous and daring acrobatic...

Childhood | Egypt

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Catherine Tellier | 1999 | France | 29 minutes
December 1995, Monrovia, Liberia. A child alone in the street, among the ruins of a town which has been pillaged and abandoned after six years of war. He is 11 years old and calls himself "Hitler the killer" : "it's my war name, the name I was given in the bush, but my real name is Abraham", he...

Childhood | Liberia

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