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Cette base de données a pour but de présenter tous les films documentaires rendant compte du réel africain. Ces films sont des films réalisés et produits par des africains, mais aussi des films sur l’Afrique. Cette base de données a été constituée à partir d’une base de données essentiellement francophone, mais cette base ne cherche qu’à devenir la plus exhaustive possible, afin de regrouper dans un même espace le plus d’informations sur les films sur l’Afrique. N’hésitez pas à inscrire vos films !

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Passage Grammont

Elise Hagège | 2005 | France | 27 minutes
A film about a group of brothers and sisters all living in the same building in Tunis, gives them the opportunity to talk about their different experiences of a shared historical event: the successive waves of exile for Tunisian Jews during the...

History | Tunisia

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Philippe Soupault à Tunis

Frédéric Mitterrand | 1996 | France | 26 minutes
Philippe Soupault was in Tunis, in 1938, to fund Tunis Radio. Through the interview of his wife Ré with the help of archival footages and recent shots, Frédéric Mitterrand tells one unknown side of the famous French surrealist poet's life, and his experience there, when Tunisia was in an...

History | Tunisia

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Plein des sens

Rodolphe Dietrich | 1997 | France | 28 minutes
In the midst of the Tunisian desert, blind, deaf and fully able people try to go beyond the barriers of communication, to deepen their senses of perception and to share a common experience of life. The desert, virgin and hostile territory, where the grip of our society and social hierarchy are...


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Poètes du désert

François Brey | 2001 | France | 26 minutes
The poet Abdelatif Belgacem Marzoughi of the M’Razig tribe perpetuates the oral tradition of "popular poetry" in the South of Tunisia. This form of declamation, syncopated like the trotting of camels, comes from their ancestors the Beni Selim who arrived from Arabia more than 1000 years...

literature | Tunisia

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Nedia Touijer | 2003 | Belgique | 25 minutes
On the outskirts of Tunis Capitol there is the graveyard of Jallez. Every daylong silhouettes dwell about this immense place, looking for a job and some hope. The documentary is a serene reflection of a place where shadows rule, of small life in a place of death. In voice-over an anonymous man...

society | Tunisia

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